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Alpine Lock & Safe American Fork, UT

67 W Main St
American Fork, UT 84003
198732 years in business
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Additional number: (800) 660-4375
Fax: (801) 756-0854
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Saturday Closed
(Full week)
Monday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 42 hours 45 minutes
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Ryan H.
I locked my keys in my car.  The technician gets there in under 15 minutes and has my car door opened in less than 2 minutes.  Like a wizard.  45 dollars is a lot less than the cost of a new window.  If I lock my keys in my car again I would totally call them again.  Here's hoping I don't lock my keys in the car again, though.
Jasmine S.
I locked us out of our house on Memorial Day. Dinner was in the oven, we were all hungry, and I was stressed I wouldn't be able to find someone to come out on a holiday. They answered my call right away and were to my house within 15 minutes. Great service!
Jaime F.

Absolutely shameful and incredibly dangerous as the person they changed the locks for has had incidences with the homeowners previously. Then when the homeowners called them out on their serious mistake, they dragged their feet in making it right and changing the locks back.

If we could give them negative stars, we would. Instead, they will probably be gifted with a lawsuit.
Jason C.
Came out and was gone within 2 hours of me calling.  We had a key break off in our cabinet in the garage.  They extracted it and made two replacement keys for $60.  To me that was a steal.  The guy was genuine and taught me more about keys and locks than I knew before which I appreciated.
Jeff G.
A lot more expensive than going to Home Depot so we will see if their keys are any better/different.   6 duplicate keys made were 20.00.  Seems like a lot for generic run of the mill keys.   But The service was good and there isn't big long lines like at Home Depot.  The store is right off the main road that you park on so it's 5 feet to walk in to get your keys made.
Angela D.
It's hit or miss on their clearance selection, but I bought all new matching levers for my doors for the price of one from Lowe's. And the price got key copies is the best around.
Kevin W.
Did a good job. The lady helping me was really rude. Was not impressed with the attitude. I'll probably go elsewhere after this
Matt G.
Best locksmith/keymaker I've had the chance to use.  These guys know their stuff. They use keys made of the same material as your lock tumblers.  Cheaper keys are made of steel, and wear down your brass lock parts quickly. Their keys are guaranteed.  

Also, they sell a great assortment of tools in their store.  It's a fun store to visit whether you need keys or not.  Give them a try.
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Rescue Rangers Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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Andrea H.
I called for help for jump starting and the ETA was an hour (reasonable) but they did not get to my car for over 2 hours. Then only had a battery pack of jumper cables and could not start the car.. The road side guy said "sorry nothing I can do and took off" after several hours I got one of my friends to easily jump start my car with their actual car. Isn't this the point of road side is to assist you??? When I called management to complain and give feedback, I was told that "this happens" and no further interest was given. Very disappointed in this company.
Heather L.
Came to my workplace within 15 minutes and quickly changed my flat tire. Great friendly service! Turned my day back around.
Christine M.
My insurance picked this company. I will never let my insurance use them again. I got a flat tire and was pull on the side of the freeway off the exit ramp. First I waited an hour for them to arrive which seems like an extremely high amount of time compared to other companies I have used. My phone was running out of power so I turned it off to conserve power. Apparently  the driver tried calling me because he could not find the only red car pulled off the side of the off ramp. Then when I turned back on my phone the insurance told me they moved on to the next call. I never saw any vehicles pass me that had the company logo I assume they just didn't want to deal with me because you could only have missed my car if you were blind. Even the link the insurance sent had the map marked with my exact location. I would have been really pissed if I had hiked it to a gas station to call road side assistance and waited at my car for no one to show. If I had thought it was possible to miss my car I would have left my phone on. So I was not willing to wait another hour for them probably to miss me again. So I changed the tire myself. I will be talking to my insurance company telling them not to use this company.
Kathryn Thomas B.
Seems like this company has a great amount of difficulty performing the tasks they are contracted for.
Lethe P.
My insurance has sent Rescue Rangers to my aide twice now (on separate occasions) and both times I've had the pleasure of working with Gio.  He has showed up 30 minutes earlier than estimated and he's very fast, efficient and friendly.  He checks his work to make sure there is no damage when he's done and just as fast as he shows up, he's quick with getting you back on the road too.  I can't speak for the rest of the Rescue Ranger techs but Gio has gained a loyal customer in me!
Eric B.
this.  place.  #1.  sucks. ,  no. show. ,  " no.  service. "  no.  response.   after. "  midnight.  "   waiting.  for.  over.  ( one. &  half.   hours. )  "  stranded "  .            

#1. roadside.  tech
professionally.  showed. up.  in.  less.   than.  "  twelve.  minutes. "   #1.  awesome.  quick.  reliable.  dependable. service.
Melodie P.
thisthis is the worst company. I called my insurance agency at 715 this morning and got a text message from these people saying that they would be there at 815 and they didn't show then I got another text message saying that they would be here at 851 and they didn't show up and then just called them and they said that they would call the driver and have him call me and he did and said that his car got hit and it was in the shop and he would be there in an hour. he didn't show up no call or text like he said. I called the company and they said that they turned over the call to another person who was on another job and that he would be there in 45 to an hour and he didn't show up either and then he call me and Says that he is 2p minutes away and nothing. he got lost. they finally showed up 5 hours later I would give them less than 1 but I can't
Heather G.
We had a rental and were heading out to return it only to find it had a flat tire. Called our insurance and they sent out Paul from RR. Awesome guy who gets the job done quickly and correctly. Also, his beard is pretty sweet and he looks like a real life lumberjack which obviously adds to his awesomeness. Thanks Paul! ;)
Kira S.
They were amazing. The people on the phone were very nice and the guy showed up within 30 mins and was very nice and fixed my flat quick. I would recommend them to anyone who needs immediate car help
Kendeyl J.
This company ruined my wheel costing me $894 in a repair bill.  They said they would cover this expense but now will not return my phone calls.  DO NOT use this company!
K T.
These guys had my tire changed and done in 5 minutes flat! It took a little longer to get to me but that was because he took an emergency call that I know involved a child and I was okay with. He showed up, verified info, changed the tire and I was done! Great company and would use them again.
Russell R.
Unlike the Pop-a-lock folks these guys promised 45 minutes and showed up in 30. After asking for appropriate ID, Paul had the car opened in 5 minutes. Would definitely call next time and really had no complaints. They don't seem to be rated yet but I did tell them to look for a Yelp review and he seemed to know to look for one. Well...Thank you for your prompt courteous service.
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City Locksmith Store Midvale, UT

7020 S 700th W
Midvale, UT 84047
199920 years in business
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Central Safe & Locksmith Company LLC Salt Lake City, UT

602 S 500th E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
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